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Ewan Kirk with University of Glasgow

Trust launches project with University of Glasgow to improve children’s performance in STEM subjects

The Turner Kirk Trust is funding an innovative project at the University of Glasgow to make STEM fields more accessible to all.
Ewan Kirk, John Keane and Richard Turner

Ewan Kirk on SolarAid’s podcast – “Philanthropy should be high risk”

Founder of the trust, Ewan Kirk, appeared on SolarAid’s podcast to discuss funding with permission to fail.

Dr. Ewan Kirk interviewed by Computing

Our Founder and Director, Dr. Ewan Kirk, was recently interviewed by Penny Horwood, Associate Editor at Computing.
Ewan Kirk, Founder of the Turner Kirk Trust

Understanding the mantra — Permission to Fail

Permission to Fail is a concept developed at the Turner Kirk Trust to encourage smart risk-taking, innovation, and learning, and to change how non-profit organisations view failure. This article discusses in depth what this mantra means for the Turner Kirk Trust.