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October, 2022

Dr. Ewan Kirk on Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs – “There’s an excitement to being on the edge of failure”

Our founder, Dr. Ewan Kirk, talks to the Monocle podcast about his career and philosophy in business and philanthropy.

Dr. Ewan Kirk on The Do One Better Podcast – “Uncertainty is Good’

Our founder, Dr. Ewan Kirk, recently appeared on The Do One Better Podcast hosted by Alberto Lidji. He discusses why uncertainty is good in philanthropy, how we can harness failure to better our ideas, and why philanthropy is the place to take the biggest risks.

Dr. Ewan Kirk on Untapped Philanthropy: “You learn an awful lot more from failures than you learn from successes”

Our co-founder, Dr Ewan Kirk, was recently interviewed by Kerrin Mitchell on Untapped Philanthropy. Discussing topics from starting out in philanthropy to the meaning of ‘impact’, even to Ewan’s love for cycling and all things space, the episode touches on several aspects of how to donate money thoughtfully and effectively.

Dr. Ewan Kirk — Philanthropy needs strategy, not just money

Following Patagonia's shift from making profit to funding charities, our co-founder Dr. Ewan Kirk talks about how we can better approach philanthropy and create the biggest change possible.