Dr. Ewan Kirk interviewed by The Herald on the progress of the STEM SPACE project

James McEnaney has reported on STEM SPACE, a joint innovative education project of the Turner Kirk Trust and the University of Glasgow, in The Herald.

Launched in August 2023, the STEM Spatial Cognition Enhancement project, known as STEM SPACE, is providing spatial skills training to primary school children. The goal is to enhance children's proficiency and confidence in STEM subjects and develop new knowledge on the relationship between spatial skills and these increasingly important subjects, building on prior research.

Our co-founder, Ewan Kirk, told The Herald: "Governments rarely have the resources to facilitate high-risk, high-reward education initiatives. Yet these hold the greatest potential to transform access to, and quality of, education. This is the space in which philanthropy in education should operate: funding high-risk, high-reward projects that would otherwise fail to secure funding.

“Failure to achieve predetermined results is too often seen as a failure, but this is the nature of learning, which is crucial to innovation. Whatever the results of this project, we’ll have advanced our understanding of how to increase confidence and ability in STEM subjects and we’ll be one step closer to education equality.”

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